Module 4: Rockin Lifestyle Habits

Sleep: 5 Essentials

  1. Keep your bedroom cool (68-70 degrees in fahrenheit) which is 20-21 celsius and DARK.  Wear an eye mask if you have to.  This is essential to signal your brain to sleep.  Light disrupts our sleep.
  2. You need 7-9 hours of sleep a night to go through the 4-5 cycles of REM for production of growth hormones which is an important hormone when it comes to having energy, losing the fat, and anti-aging.
  3. When you sleep is just as important as how you sleep for.  In Chinese Medicine, the time in which organ in charge of growth hormones peak between 10pm through 3am.  If you miss this time to sleep, then you miss the most regenerating time of your sleep.  And what this means is that you have to start winding down by 9 or 9:30 the latest so that you start relaxing your body and mind.  This may mean taking a shower, bath and getting ready for bed by 9:30.
  4. Ritual before bedtime is important.  De-stress the day with my stress management method, do YES breathing for couple of minutes to relax your nervous system and journal/meditate.
  5. EMF.  Make sure that there’s no electrical things around your head or near your bed.  Keep them at least 5 feet away from you.  EMF includes, computers, phones, TV, alarm clocks or any other gadgets that require an electricity.


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