Module 4: Rockin Lifestyle Habits
Stress Management


STRESS MANAGEMENT: Based on acupuncture and NAET® Hand Technique (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)

  1. Body position. Find an edge of a wall and gently lean against it so that your back muscles between the spine and your shoulder blade is touching the edge of the wall.  You should feel a slight tenderness or soreness when you gently lean this part of your back to the edge of the wall.  DO NOT let your spine touch the edge of the wall.  Only the upper and mid back will be accessed using the edge of the wall.  You’ll use your hands or knuckles to acupressure the rest of your mid and lower back.
  2. Hand Position. Place either hand on your forehead and the other hand forms a hand mudra by touching the pad of your thumb and fourth fingers.  Please make sure that the fingers are touching pad to pad of your fingers.
  3. Mind position. Think of your stress in your mind.

ASK Yourself:

  1. What stressed you out today?

Think about all the situations and people involved including how they stressed you out.

  1. Think about everything that you couldn’t express
  2. Think about your own emotions towards yourself (are you angry towards yourself, mad at yourself, etc)

If you have more than one stressful situation, please write them down on a piece of paper and number them (stress number 1, 2, 3, etc)

  1. If you only have one stress to de-stress, than you can hold the stress in your mind and tell yourself, “this is to de-stress myself for xyz….”
  2. If you have more than one stress, write them down on a piece of paper and list them.  De-stress yourself one stress at a time and at the end, do the combination with all your stress. This way you can focus on one de-stressing one stress at a time.


  1. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth
  2. Panting – breathing in and out from your belly


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  1. Susan Manning
    8 years ago

    Well, I am curious about the bonus gift 2…the acupressure detox. Is it ok to do that more than 5 times a week or is that overdoing it? I could see getting into a morning routine of doing that and my happy ears to set a nice tone for the day.

    • Grace Suh
      8 years ago

      …………… Hi Susan, the acupressure detox may be done 5 times a week. This is not over doing it. Love your schedule of getting the detox acupressure in the morning and doing the happy ears! You’re off to a great start. Please keep me posted with your routine and your progress. Thanks for your question.

  2. Susan Manning
    8 years ago

    Perfect…thank you. I just started, and am enjoying your program. My ears never felt so alive! 🙂

    • Grace Suh
      8 years ago

      ……………Thanks Susan! Please do not hesitate to post any question you may have. I’m here!

  3. Susan Manning
    8 years ago

    My only question is how long (how many repeats) do you work your back on those pressure points? Say I only have one thing that I want to focus on (or relief stress from)…how long do I do this?

    • Grace Suh
      8 years ago

      …………… Hi Susan, start with making sure that you hit all those pressure points while you’re inhaling, exhaling and panting with your intention for de-stressing your specific situation. The length of time depends on you. Take a moment to gage your stress level after doing the pressure points. If you still feel as stressed, do it again and then gage where your stress level is after. You should feel either more distant from your stress or less stressed out. I always recommend to gage your stress BEFORE doing the pressure points from a scale of 1-10 (10 being the extremely stressed) so that you can monitor how your stress level is coming down. Is this clear? If not please let me know because this is a very important method of de-stressing that works. Thanks for your question.