Module 3: Exercise Less
Strength Training

2 Proven strategies to help you become a fat burner:

  • Hybrid movements – the entire body is working and engaged at the same time
  • High intensity interval workout method – going all out for 30 seconds to 1 minute and resting

2 leg position:

  • First position – feet are pointing straight and hip distance apart
  • Second position – feet are turned out 45 degrees with a wider stance

Plies (pronounced pli-ae) is a ballet word to bend your knees or flex your knees.  This simple and low impact movement tones the entire lower part of your body, including the buttocks and the inner legs.  Keep your tailbone straight down. Tighten your stomach muscles in this position to protect the lower back.

Upper body muscles: Isolated strength training upper body

  • Biceps mucle is located on the front of your upper arm
  • Triceps muscle is located on the back of your upper arm
  • Deltoid muscle is located on the sides of your upper arm

Push-ups Jumps: Putting all together

  • Do a push up and either jump or walk up close to your hands, stand up and jump
  • Gently come down on your hands and feet
  • Get into push up position and repeat for up to 1 minute



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  1. Esme Boone
    8 years ago

    Hi Grace,
    Thanks for your reply I appreciate it. Good advice! I tried doing it on a counter top instead, and that worked really well, as I went down a little further on my arms and shoulders, felt the exercise doing something and had no ill effects at all.
    Bye for now–I’m off to tickle my happy ears!

  2. Esme Boone
    8 years ago

    Hi Grace, this is Esmé [Paloma]. I am wondering if you can help me with these exercises. I am an over-wieight 70 year-old,[which is why I am doing your course!] and find it a bit hard to get down on my hands and knees even to do the beginner’s exercise. I did manage it a couple of times but it hurts my knees and my repaired thumb and gave me a head-rush. Is there something similar I could do standing up somehow? I tried it leaning with my hands against the wall with my feet about 2′ from the wall and pushed down towards the wall, then walked my feet to the wall then bounced, but it didn’t seem to do much of anything. Is there some form of this exercise I CAN do? I had no trouble doing the plié and the upper body part of the exercise.
    Eventually I would like to achieve being able to do the beginner’s one because I can tell it would be excellent, but need to work up to it somehow first, and get my knees a bit better. Thank you!! Esmé

    • Grace Suh
      8 years ago

      …………… Hi Esme, please do NOT do any exercise that hurts your knees or any part of your body. The most important thing is your safety. I recommend getting your doctor’s approval before trying this exercise again. The wall is an excellent option that you can do standing up however since you have already tried it and didn’t feel that it did anything, I recommend skipping this section all together. I’m glad to hear that you are able to do the plie and the upper body part of the exerise. Thanks for asking and keep up the great work!