Module 3: Exercise Less
High Intensity Interval Method

High Intensity Interval Workout Guidelines

  • Get a great workout within 20 minutes
  • Save time and energy
  • Become a fat burner and prevent adrenal fatigue
  • High intensity 30 seconds – 1 minute then rest for 1 minute (this is 1 cycle)
  • Do this 4-7 cycles
  • After 30 seconds – 1 minute of high intensity movement, your muscles should feel fatigue and your lungs burning.  If not, you need to find more ways to challenge your body


  • Walking up a hill with/without weights
  • Spinning or bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Jogging/Running/Sprinting
  • Dancing

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  1. Hester Bushell
    8 years ago

    Hi Grace,
    I enjoy long walks (60-90 minutes), surfing, yoga and swimming. I’m used to doing usually 6 workouts a week that are usually 60-90 minutes. Have you found that this frequency and duration causes stress to the body? I’m unsure about what is the best exercise program? Is it fine to do for example – dance workout (once a week), strength training (twice a week), high intensity interval (twice a week), 60 minute walk (2-3 times a week), 60-90 minute surf (2-3 times a week) etc…..or is this all too much. I like to get outside everyday and exercise……I’m just not sure if I am over doing it. I know stress is a key factor why my body retains extra weight. I work at a computer so my incidental exercise is very minimal.

    Many thanks 🙂

    • Grace Suh
      8 years ago

      ………….. Hi Hester, the frequency and duration can stress your body by increasing cortisol working out 6 days a week. When you increase cortisol by overexercising, you’re telling your body to store fat rather than burn it. What’s also important is how you workout. For example, it’s better to walk using the high intensity interval workout method rather than walk fast for 60 minutes straight. To answer your question,a dance workout once a week, strength training twice a week and one 60 min. walk while applying the high intensity interval workout (going all out and resting cycle) may be enough. Note on walking: if you walk for 60 minutes really slowly taking in all the scenery around you, instead of creating stress you’ll be creating relaxation throughout your body, however you won’t be getting the exercise walking this way. See how your body responds with less exercise but with more strategic way of applying the high intensity interval workout method. Hope this answers your questions.